Guatemala exports US$825.3 million in 2017

Published: 10/25/2017

Guatemala exports US$825.3 million in 2017

Guatemala exports US$825.3 million in 2017

The Sugar Agroindustry of Guatemala exported US$825.7 million in sugar last year, according to official information from the Bank of Guatemala (Central).

The destiny of the Guatemalan sugar was in 44 percent to the American continent; 27 percent to Africa and 24 percent to Asia; the remaining 5 percent went to Europe and Oceania.

The Sugar from Guatemala and its byproducts is the second most exported product from the country and in 2017 represented 9 percent of the total exports, after textiles that represented 12 percent.

The countries that imported more sugar from Guatemala last year, were United States, Ivory Coast, Chile, Malasia and Peru.

One of the strengths of the Sugar of Guatemala is the vision and unity of the Guild, that has led to the creation of specialized institutions in scientific research, exports and social sustainability, factors that had contributed to their competitiveness and leadership in the international market.

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