Guatemalan Sugar byproducts are coveted

Published: 10/25/2017

Guatemalan Sugar byproducts are coveted

Guatemalan Sugar byproducts are coveted

The productivity of the Sugar from Guatemala is a symbol of efficiency and technological progress at global level, Guatemala it´s the second largest sugar exporter in Latin America y and fourth in the world.

As a result of that efficiency, the byproducts of the sugar production as alcohol and Molasses, are mainly exported. Last year Guatemala exported 308,446 metric tons of molasses, according to official records of Bank of Guatemala (Central).

The molasses were exported to the United States, Virgin Islands, United Kingdom, South Africa and Taiwan. The alcohol and ethanol were exported to Netherlands, Puerto Rico, South Corea and Mexico, among other countries.

The Guatemalan Sugar Mills are self sufficient in the energy field, as they generate their own energy and the surplus is sold to the National and regional electricity Market, contributing to the diversification of the Guatemalan energy matrix, and reducing the dependence on bunker.

The Guatemalan Sugar Atroindustry has an installed capacity of energy generation of 630 Megawatts, and since it´s efficient, the energy its cogenerated from biomass, another residue form the sugar production.

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