Reuseof sugarcane waste Reuse of waste waters 100% Continue using of oxo-biodegradable packages for the local market 100% 100% Actions to safeguardforests and water inof the basins where we operate Plant 6 million trees 100% 0 net losses of forest in our sugarcane plantations Reduce cane burning by 50% as 1 of the 3 main sources of renewable energy in the country Maintain the sugar industry Generate renewable energy to reduce the environmental impact of our business Improve waste management practices Contribute to the conservation and restoration of natural resources Contribute to the conservation and restoration of natural resources ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY SOCIALSUSTAINABILITY ECONOMICSUSTAINABILITY Achieve 100% compliance with the labor policy across the supply chain Fortify 30% of the sugar for national consumption with iron to decrease anemia for national consumption with Vitamin A to continue contributing to the eradication of child blindness Train and empower1 million women in food security and preventive health through the Better Families Program 100% Reach the productivity rate of 11MT (metric tons) of sugar per hectare of cane cultivated Remain as 1 of the 5 most productive countries with sustainable agricultural practices 2 new by-products Develop Develop 10 new Guatemalan sugarcane varieties, more productive, resistant to diseases and adaptable to climate change Contribute to the continuous improvement of labor conditions Contribute to the improvement of public health Foster community building through women empowerment Create 2,000 technical jobs through the training of cane-cutting personnel Diversify exportable offer Generate high-quality technical jobs Fortify of the sugar Increase productivity and innovation