Sugar Mills attend victims from the Fuego Volcano Eruption

The Sugar mills from the Guatemala Sugar Industry joined efforts to help the victims of the eruption from the Fuego Volcano that took place on Sunday, June 3.

Guatemala is in grief for the recent tragedy, which has affected more than 1.7 million people, from which 3 thousand 500 are living in temporary shelters.

As part of the commitment of the Guatemala Sugar Industry with the country, and in solidarity with the victims, the sugar mills have made available heavy machinery, medical doctors and industrial kitchens to support Guatemalan authorities in addressing the emergency.

For 36 days; from June 4 to July 9, food was prepared at the industrial kitchens of the Guatemalan Sugar Mills, brought and served hot to families sheltered in eight shelters established by the authorities.

From the beginning of the emergency, sugar mills in Guatemala prepared and delivered 135 thousand 585 hot food dishes, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Guatemalan Sugar Mills carry out humanitarian work to assist the victims of the volcano eruption.

Guatemala june 4, 2018. The 11 sugar mills, members of the Guatemala Sugar Association (ASAZGUA), solidarize with the Guatemalan society, the victims and relatives of the victims of the eruption of the Fuego Volcano.

The mils through the Sugar Association of Guatemala, have put at the disposal of the authorities: industrial kitchens, heavy machinery and medical support, to provide assistance to the victims and restore access roads to the affected communities. These resources will be at the complete disposal and coordination of the Emergency Operations Center of the Guatemalan Government as required.

The Sugar from Guatemala acquired the commitment to use their industrial kitchens available for the preparation of food that is to be supplied at the shelters functioning in Siquinalá and Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa, also in Escuintla.

There will also be support the work done in the roads to clear the access to the communities affected by the eruption; however, it will be the authorities who will prioritize and establish the strategy to carry out these tasks.

Regarding health assistance, the industry is coordinating the donation of medicines to attend wounded patients who have presented burns, ophthalmologic and respiratory problems. These donations will be delivered through the adequate channels.

“Our focus at this time, is to help the authorities attend the emergency. We are more committed than ever with Guatemala, but especially with our neighbors, since our operations are carried out in the affected area, on the South of Guatemala”, was stated at a press release of the Industry.