The Guatemalan Sugar Sector joins the UN efforts to promote global water and energy sustainable practices

Guatemala, through the Guatemalan Sugar Producers Association – Asazgua, was one of the founding members of the United Nations Global Network: Sustainable Water and Energy Practices”, along with other public organizations and academia, which seeks to be a platform to share knowledge and share experience on possible solutions around water and energy, leaded by the UN.

The initiative started on March and seeks to promote compliance of Sustainable Development Goals 6 and 7 (water and energy respectively), during an initial period of four years.

“Through this platform, we will not only be able to share better practices, but also propose solutions based on technical knowledge and experience. Both of which, in this case, are broadened tremendously due to the rich participation in this group of: Governments, Multilateral Organizations, other UN Agencies, Academia and the Private Sector”, said Luis Miguel Paiz, General Manager of Asazgua.

Capacity building, dialogue and cooperation will be the way to address water and energy stakes to achieve sustainable development. Through this platform, barriers and opportunities will be identified, to therefore propel key actions, such as sharing knowledge and better practices, as well as the implementation of specific and innovative measures.

Other activities include an inventory of priority needs, already-existing efforts from the members, workshops to develop projects, policies, financing, innovation, technology and monitoring.

Countries from Africa, Arab States, Asia, Europe and Latin America will share their practices and promote knowledge and technology transfer through an information-sharing network.

“We firmly believe that Water and Energy are essential for Development and that by working together, we can achieve greater results”, added Luis Miguel Paiz. Asazgua will share knowledge with the support of the Guatemalan Institute for Research on Climate Change (ICC).