Guatemalan athlete will run 5,300 km across Chile to support nutritional security

Published: 02/24/2022

Guatemalan athlete will run 5,300 km across Chile to support nutritional security

The Guatemalan athlete, Daniela Andrade, will begin the journey of running 5,300 kms in Chile in the first days of March. The calories that she burns will be converted into money to promote food and nutritional security through Fundazucar’s Better Families program.

Daniela Andrade will support the Better Families program of FundazúcarOn March 1st, Daniela will return to Chile with the purpose of raising money and awareness for nutrition in Guatemala. “I am very excited to be able to unite the two things that I like, sports and social help, and I am sure that this will be the first project of many,” said Andrade.

The project Cals 4 Life will consist of crossing the South American country running from North to South, from the Atacama Desert down to Punta Arenas. The journey will last five months, and Daniela will be accompanied by a person, who will oversee driving the van that will take everything from food to the recovery equipment.

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During this time, all the calories that Daniela burns will be converted into money, that is, 1 calorie will be worth 1 quetzal (USD 0.13). This project will have an international impact and anyone who wants to join can also do so. Daniela explained that the project can be supported in two ways: donation of calories and/or purchase of calories.

Through the website, people will be able to enter their calories burned in their physical activity for the day and, to buy many calories as they like.

Better Families ProgramAll this help will go to the Better Families program of the Sugar Foundation -Fundazucar-, which promotes Food and Nutritional Security, self-esteem, self-management, and leadership in women, as agents of change for the development and well-being of their families and their communities.

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